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Advantage Air

Specialised Air Pty Ltd was proudly appointed the NSW distributor for the Advantage Air range of products in 2008. Advantage Air’s unique and innovative design of the Exact Air Regulators makes installation of your ducted system quicker, easier and more cost efficient.
Offering a choice of up to 4 zoning systems that have been designed especially to complement the Exact Air range of regulators gives you flexibility to design and install a system that is efficient and cost effective for your customer. Please contact us for more information on the Advantage Air product range or have a look at the video and information brochures below.  You are also welcome to visit our office and view how the system works. There is also further detailed information on the Advantage Air range on our Products Pages.  
We can also assist you with the design of Advantage Air systems, showing you the benefits of using Advantage Air rather than standard BTO & Y Pieces.

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On Monday 16/10/17 Advantage Air released a major update for the eZone system.

This update, if not done correctly, can temporarily prevent the end user from operating their A/C system until it is done correctly. Because of this there may be an increase in the number of phone calls you get from end users. If the customer already has a Google account with auto updates already enabled, the eZone system will update automatically.  The update will include upgrades to remote access, the eZone interface and plans.

Below are some step by step instructions that you may provide to your end users to help make a Google account and to update the apps for their eZone system.

The eZone system is not supported by QuickSupport/TeamViewer (remote access by a technician), as a result the updates will be quite tricky to navigate over the phone by technical support.  However, if you, or any of your customers, get stuck with installing the update, or would just like to get some over the phone help, please contact the Advantage Air help desk: 1300 850 191.

                                                                                                                        ezone full user manual

Click above to set up a Google account                                                   Click above to open instructions to install update to eZone                                   Click above to open eZone User Manual